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Get Your Home Winter Ready

By now we’ve had a few colder days this year, which means it’s time to ensure that you and your home are ready for winter. Keeping the warm air in and cold air out is easier than you may have thought. With a handful of quick energy saving wins you could be saving on your energy bills and enjoying a warn and cosy home. 

To begin you’ll need to identify weak areas of your home that are more susceptible to heat loss. Check your windows and doors, chimneys and fireplaces, and ensure that everything is drought proofed and well insulted.

Clear adhesive window films are useful for blocking out the cold drafts during the winter months. They’re easy to install and will keep your home warm. In addition if your windows get steamed up, this film will ensure your windows don’t get condensation. Window films are especially great if your windows are single glazed! You may also need to apply a windproof thermal insulation tape around your doors and window frames if there are gaps, to eliminate any droughts. 

If there are chimneys or fireplaces in your home that you don’t use you could fit a cap over it. But don’t forget about your letter box and keyholes - cover these up to avoid droughts too.

It is very common for heat loss to occur through the poorly insulated walls. Any radiators that are fixed on the external walls tend to loose heat, so placing a reflective foil sheet behind the radiator to protect against heat loss, maximize energy savings in your home, and help save money. Bubble foil sheets will reflect the heat back into the room and allow for breathable heat circulation, as well as reducing up to 95% of overall heat loss. 

To further protect your energy efficiency, ensure that you switch off standby appliances and be more mindful of the things to use at home. For example only boil the mount of water in your kettle that you need for your cuppa. Use washing machines at full capacity and on an eco cycle. Try to spend less time in the shower, turn off the lights when out the room, and don’t leave the TV on playing in the background. We are all guilty of these seeming small mistakes, however when put all together these can amount to a hefty energy bill. 


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