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Home retrofit and things you should know

In the race to a net-zero carbon economy, energy efficiency is playing a fundamental role in tackling climate change. Energy efficiency is a powerful tool for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and therefore has a central role to play in combating global warming.

Did you know that energy production and consumption is the largest source of global greenhouse gas? This means we need to radically reconsider the way we live. On average one UK household emits a whooping 20.2 tonnes of CO2 emission per year! But there are things we can do to secure a bright and green future for the next generation.

House retrofits have an aim to improve the energy efficiency of properties as much as possible - ensuring the property is sufficiently insulated, drought proofed, equipped with an eco friendly boiler or heat pump, and if suitable, has got renewable energy measures installed. By retrofitting a whole house it has been estimated that you can achieve around 50-60% carbon reduction.

All homes are different and it’s important to understand what energy saving measures will be most effective for your property. Things to consider would be whether your home is on a gas grid or is electrically heated and what type of property it is, such as detached house or a block of flats. These will determine what type of technology should be used to heat your home. Any existing issues such as damp or mould patches will need to be addressed and fixed before the retrofitting works begin. Poorly executed retrofit installations can make things worse for you and your home. Therefore choose your retrofit professionals wisely.

So why should you consider retrofit?

  • It will lower your energy bills

  • It will make your home warmer

  • It will improve home air ventilation

  • It will lower your carbon emissions

What energy efficiency options are available to me?


It is important to insulate and drought proof the property to ensure the heat doesn’t escape through the windows, walls, roof or floors.

Central Heating System

If your property has never been equipped with central heating you should consider first time central heating system installation that will keep your home warm throughout and will provide hot water too.

Boiler Upgrade

Ensuring that your home is operated by a condensing eco friendly boiler will keep your energy bills down and will be better for the environment.

Heat Pumps

Both ground source and air source heat pumps run on electricity and work best when your home is fully insulated.

Solar PV

Solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity that can then power your whole house. These are eco friendly and require little maintenance.

Retrofits will not only benefit you by saving you money on your energy bills and keeping you warm, but also reduce your carbon footprint. By now you have probably noticed that our summers and winters keep getting warmer. In UK we’ve recorded the hottest summer in 2018 since 2006. And a study identified that UK heatwaves are 30% more likely to be the result of climate change.

To discuss your energy efficiency grant options and how we can help you with upgrading your home to an eco friendly standard get in touch with us today!

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