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Free Solar Offer

In recent years rapid growth of the renewable energy industry has been challenging the dominance of fossil fuels, and leading towards the use of more sustainable, clean energy sources.

In light of climate change we believe it is crucial that we all try and reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore we are proud to be offering solar panel systems to residents all across Cornwall. If you are using electricity to heat your home, you may be eligible for a fully installed solar panel system, alongside loft or cavity wall insulation, completely free of charge!

The offer is funded by energy suppliers, who are required to provide grants for people on lower incomes to help them to have more affordable energy bills. The free solar panel system, which is worth up to £10,000, is subject to the home also having a loft with less than 100mm (4 inches) of existing insulation, or cavity walls which required insulation, which will need to be insulated as part of the work. Homes which do not require insulation, or which do not have cavity walls, can still take advantage of the offer, but a contribution of around 25% of the cost will be required, with a range of payment options available.

Dylan Prescott, Renewable Energy Manager for Happy Energy Solutions said “This free solar offer will make a huge difference for people in Cornwall who heat their homes with electricity, which is one of the most expensive forms of fuel there is. A 12 panel solar system would save the household around £400 a year on their electricity bill and having the loft or cavity wall insulation alongside will also reduce the cost of heating the home by up to 35%. You will also be doing your bit to help tackle the Climate Emergency, with an annual saving of around 2 tonnes of CO2 a year”.

Happy Energy Solutions is keen to offer the free solar panel systems to as many homes across Cornwall as possible, but particularly homes with young children, older people and those who may suffer from an illness or disability. They are therefore urging people to tell their friends and families about the offer if they also have electric heating and believe they may be eligible.

Dylan continued “Even where the home doesn’t require loft or cavity wall insulation and so isn’t able to have the works completely free, the offer is still well worth applying for, as the grant for a 12 panel system is worth around £4,000 off of the standard price. This may be particularly appealing for landlords, as it will boost their EPC rating, helping them to meet their legal obligations for the home to be at least an EPC band E”.

In order to take advantage of the free solar offer, eligible residents will need to have a suitable unshaded area to install the panels on, this could be a pitched or flat roof, or an area of garden where a ground mounted system can be installed. The offer is available for people who own their own homes, or for tenants and landlords of electrically heated privately rented properties. Eligible Cornish residents who are either in receipt of benefits, or who a have a total household income of less than £30,000, after deducting any mortgage, rent, energy, water rates and council tax costs.

If you are interested in applying please find more information by going to or calling Happy Energy Solutions on 01872 574900

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